-Our Story- 

Lusted With Lashes is an online lash bar based out of British Columbia, Canada, that offers 100% Cruelty Free Luxury Authentic Mink hair lashes- custom designed and handcrafted from the highest quality product specially for your eyes. Founded by a Lashista who's love & passion for the beauty world and determination to create the perfect day to night lash solution for the modern day woman, lead her to researching the many different types and quality of false eyelashes and after endless hard work and a lot of patience, she was able to design the perfect handcrafted 100% Cruelty Free Mink Hair Lashes for every Lash Lover to lust and feel confident in. Lusted With Lashes has cultivated a collection of must-have makeup accessories for your everyday lash line.

-The Lusted Mission-

Here at Lusted With Lashes, our mission is to design the highest quality product for every women to love and feel beautiful in every day, along with getting the most use of their lashes. We aim to create easy-to-apply lashes to ensure that all women can enjoy the confidence and beauty of long lashes. Add a little lust to your eyes to express yourself and help you achieve whatever look your feeling whether its day or night, a little on the casual side or more on the dramatic side. 

We continue to be inspired by amazing and talented diverse individuals and, promise to always lash hard to bring you the most remarkable and highest quality Mink hair lashes so you lashista's can continue to always feel beautiful & confident in your Lusted With Lashes! 

-Lusted With lashes- 

Lusted With Lashes are designed and handcrafted using various styles, volumes and lengths so you can customize each lash with your desired look. Providing you with the highest quality product, our long lasting comfortable lashes are super light weight and can be reused up to 25 times with the proper use and care- Please see our Care Guide Our lashes are handcrafted with the thinnest cotton band to ensure comfort, flexibility, durability and to fit your natural lashes without creating any damage to your lash line. No matter what your eye shape is, Lusted With Lashes has lashes for everyone to lust! 

-Cruelty Free-

All Lusted With Lashes are 100% Cruelty Free and we promise to always be, so you can always enjoy your Lusted With Lashes guilt free! All mink hair is collected during regular shedding season from free range farms & zoos. Lusted With Lashes would like to make it clear that these special animals are never harmed. Here at Lusted With Lashes we are against all animal cruelty. 
Our lashes are free of any chemical processing or dyes and always sanitized and sterilized before production.